100 Days My Prince

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The posts will be in chronological order. The ones on top are the most recent posting.

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Fan pics of KyungSoo Do (because I’ve no time to watch the show right now. lol. Work.)

Does HongShim really NOT know who the Crown Prince was?

Episode 13 Quick takes. Because I’ve time only to watch the beginning and end.

On Lee Yul trying to ignore HongShim’s visions

Rolled-up sleeves but no shower scenes

On books, Mooyoung, CPrincess, and shoes, Ep 12, pt 3

On the wall and Bastard Jeyoon, Ep 12, pt 2

On Minister Kim, Jeyoon, Prince SeWoon, suffocating and names

Because MooYoon has to be THE good brother…

The cute scenes in Episode 11 ARE supposed to signal the END of the 100 days. hahaha.  Has nobody been keeping track of time except for me? HongShim mentioned in an earlier episode that three months had passed already (3 x 30 = 90, and then she asked her brother for 10 days.)

Why Kyungsoo’s Crown Prince is now .00093985 better than Siwan’s Crown Prince (sniff. Sorry, Siwan)


Leave his room

Episode 10

Personal touch

Rating the kiss

Judging the kiss

On displacement, transference and dependability

Love lessons from Episode 9

Who’s the daddy?

The obligatory report on swoon-worthy moments.

Why I like barley fields

On how Lee Yul became WonDeuk

Stupid writing again. Please give us more rom scenes with HongShim and WonDeuk!

Watch out, show writers! I might just quit you for another romcom.

Falling beans

On romance and cinematography

Episode 6 review

His dirty hands.

Can HongShim write?

Episode 5 review

…In which I was bewitched. lol.

Understanding why HongShim lies

Why discerning fans are beginning to be discontented with WonDeuk, the definition of Cringe.

Introducing my fan-service-o-meter.

Just gifs.

Recalculating time. Don’t kill the subbers. lol.

Disappointing Episode 3. And nope, I’m not going to fan over the silly cheesy antics in the watermill and bedroom.

Meaning of cornerstones.

Talk to the hands! lol,

16 years = 140,160 hours.

Episode 2. The other shady character aside from the assassin.

Episode 2. Theories that I’m going to regret sharing later on or “Where in the World is Seokwon the brother?”

Episode 1. On being the cornerstone or the useless and discarded stone

My new cellphone cases

My list of sageuks