Memories of the Alhambra: On Sec Seo’s Death

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I also heard that another old friend of mine is asking (in another forum) why JinWoo didn’t shut down the server the second he left Sec Seo behind on the Granada platform. As I explained here, it has nothing to his callous indifference to Seo’s death or his depravity. It’s because he couldn’t have foreseen that either one of them could die FOR REAL at the hands of an NPC.

Death from being stabbed by Cha’s sword, yes. But death from being killed by an NPC? They didn’t expect THAT since they’ve been fighting NPCs all this time without dying — in the same way, I don’t expect a sinful slice of quadruple layer of chocolate with fudge, ganache and Kahlua-soaked nuts to kill me even if it’s called “Death by Chocolate” because it’s never happened to me before. hahaha.

Anyway, after he killed off Cha, Jinwoo always leveled up and he never lost a challenge. Same with Sec Seo, he always leveled up because he was with JinWoo. Thus, as far as JinWoo knew, he and Sec Seo could log back in if they died from an NPC attack –in the same way, he logged back in when he was killed by the Nasrid warrior. The game settings must have changed probably because they were in advanced levels or because he killed Cha.

Also, as far as I understand it, the game is NOT EVOLVING, as others have conjectured. The game however is UNFOLDING.

You can see it from NPC Cha’s behavior. He and his equipment are static. Like if the game is evolving, then why does he come after JinWoo again and again with a SWORD when he’s been SHOT over and over again? lol. See what I mean?

NPCs don’t fight better or smarter and they don’t acquire self-awareness.

However, as the game user advances a level, the challenge obviously becomes more difficult. For example, JinWoo might have had to kill 70 NPCs in level 89 instead of 50 in level 88.

That’s why he went inside the restroom again in Episode 10. (lol. I think I read a comment asking why JW kept on going inside the restroom. No, he didn’t have a bladder problem. :D)

Previously, when Sec Seo was still alive, he was in the restroom when Cha appeared outside the bathroom. He killed Cha but then he got notified that another enemy had appeared. He thought Cha resurrected so he glanced down where Cha lay. He saw that Cha was still dead but when he turned away, the terrorist NPC appeared and shot at him.

When he returned to Granada (this time without Seo), he already had the foreknowledge that Cha was going to appear outside the restroom and that terrorist NPCs would swarm the train so he hid in the restroom to buy himself time. After opening his quest, he located the terrorist NPCs and ascertained their number. By doing so, he removed the element of surprise.

Also, he was wearing a bulletproof vest under his jacket. Dunno if Sec Seo had one.


Weird, however, that he didn’t have to leave it at the gate of the Alhambra dungeons.



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  1. Maybe he did leave the bulletproof vest too at the gate of the dungeon but we weren’t shown? :\
    Anyway, of course it was logical to go to the bathroom a second time, the place was small enough that enemies won’t spawn inside. It was a tactical move.
    But I don’t get why he went there the first time 😐 Who goes to the bathroom in the train just when the train reaches your destination?? Why not wait to go in the train station? Why risk not being able to get off the train at that stop?
    Which is exactly what happened to him..

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