Fluttering Alert: On the Eleventh Day

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…
Eleven chattering ladies
Ten spontaneous moments
Nine times he teased her (shucks! I’ve to limit myself to nine!)
Eight fashionista bags to drool over
Seven former male costars
Six references to YEH’s real life
Five words to text (“Merry Christmas, I love you”)
Four gifs of WH (and four of YJ, too)
Three parents-in-law
Two texting couple
And a fluttering love story.

This romcom wouldn’t have been an enjoyable and memorable show to watch without the ladies who dropped by, joined this blog and shared their thoughts. It’s good to obsess with people who can appreciate humor and romance in the small details and often overlooked gestures.

Special mention goes to agdr03, tsutsuloo, lonetwilight, curiousyeh, Anna_Tan, Vegaspink, Nok, Fary, Growing Beautifully, Rynyw, Diamond Heart, Au01, Goyangi, DeaJ, Elaine, Oli and Nrllee, Peeps, and the lurkers like Aunteeanna, Letat’ aves, and that person(s) from American Samoa (Talofa!!)

😀 I knew I went over 11 but who cares?

Thanks, y’all!! Don’t forget to drop by now and then. Just say hi! Don’t worry about “spamming” or being out-of-topic. Remember: Once you’re a Bitch, you’re always a Bitch! 

One more day…

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14 Comments On “Fluttering Alert: On the Eleventh Day”

  1. Thank you for being our cool 😎 leader and making Fluttering Alert extra special! 🙌🏻 😘

    So true that, once you’re a bitch, you’re always a bitch! 😂

  2. Love how committed you are to finishing the 12 days… lol

    Glad I found this blog full of others who looked passed the typical kdrama story and appreciated what the drama offered.

  3. aaaaaahhhh :)) We’re in one of these “On the X day of Christmas” too. Niice

  4. This is so cool I am part of the Christmas post!!! Yeah!!

    Of course I will drop by to bitch about drama with you ladies…cos it is so fun…

    I bragged about our bitching to my children and they think I m taking drama watching too seriously!! Hahaha what surprised them is that there are actually people interacting with me!!!

    Now I just need to start on another Drama that you ladies are bitching about…

  5. Just be careful when explaining the use of the word “bitch.” There ARE curse words that I don’t want to hear in polite conversation. But there are words that lose the power to hurt and shame you, when you “appropriate” them and make them yours. Take “bitch” for instance. Used to be, that’s the word people would use to shut up women and delegitimize their causes, complaints, opinions and so on. Simply call a lady a “bitch” and that will end the argument.

    So, if we begin with that lowest common denominator … errr… insult, and assume that we’re all bitches, then we can go ahead and have fun with our ideas. Like, “Okay, I’m a bitch. So what? What are you gonna do about it?” We’ve taken out the sting from being called a bitch and we’re having fun with it.

    And yes, we do take our dramas seriously. Do your kids think we’re cackling like a gaggle of old biddies on the internet?? 😀 We’re our own “support group” for kdramas.

  6. I was so touched lol. Packmule and gals, thank you.

    Flashback: Am I petty or dumb for liking Love Alert/Fluttering Warning despite of its flaws? Am I a minority for still seeing layers beyond the so-called simple and predictable plot? Am I crazy for enjoying the fluttering moments between our YEH & CJM despite of lack of kisses? (Though of course, I really wish the two actors had more screentime in the last two episodes).

    Am I brainless to appreciate the dialogues, the subtle gestures? Am I less intelligent for seeing that this drama had its own (in fact many moments), because many scenes have stories to tell?

    Fastforward: I’m so grateful for finding this blog, reading your insights, your wit & humor. You gals affirmed my stance (though unpopular) that this drama did not waste my time, yes despite of unnecessary flashback, despite of the flaws & long separation of our couple.

    This drama has Its strengths. The great chemistry of our couple is so heart fluttering. Their eyes, their glances, smiles & even their little skinships and every interactions are heart fluttering. YYJ or YEH, the actress had said, the beauty/essence to create memories every moment to sustain love and CWH or CJM associate memories to power of love.

    We have the same wavelength, right? That’s why we are here and enjoying the discussions & analysis of this drama. Again, thank you.

  7. What good company. One of the best outcomes from Fluttering Alert was discovering packmule3’s deliciously irreverent blog and all who flock here.


  8. Hello! Where is our 12th Day of Fluttering Alert? ☺️

  9. Haha. You bossy boots!

    I finished it two days ago. And then I revised it yesterday. And just now, I’m thinking of revising it again 😂 after what Oli said in her comment about Memories of the Alhambra. She said that our couple gave each other thoughtful gifts, unlike the product placement in MoA. That was simple but thought-provoking observation. So now I’m rethinking the 12th day again. 😅

  10. Your welcome to revise again because those gifts came from the heart 😍 You and Oli are right. Those gifts not only made YJ and WH’s heart flutter but our hearts too so take your time.

    JW are not into special gifts because his into gaming 😂

  11. My boyfriend is into gaming too and he gives the most thoughtful presents. I mean sure, he has no reason to do product placement in our relationship, nor does he have to keep defeating some NPC that used to be a real life human which a game actually killed in real life but still :)))
    Gamers can be “good persons” too :))

  12. In a way, I can relate to gamers’ girlfriends because I used to be a golf widow. lol. My husband is a recovering golf addict. When our boys were little, we had a sandbox tucked away in the backyard, and we both agreed that he would NOT use it to practice his bunker shots and that if I ever found a golf ball in the sandbox (golf ball = choking hazard), I’d confiscate his clubs. lol.

    Yes, gamers and golfers can be good persons, too.

    I have mixed feelings about the show. I’m engrossed in the gaming plot and I don’t mind that this kdrama is more a “thriller” and unlike my usual fare of romcoms. But at the same time, I wonder if I would have enjoyed the story more had the writer treated the gaming as secondary to the romance and approached the story with more levity and frivolity.

    I was expecting Spain that I remember from experience: light, sunshine, siestas, cavas and tapas, laid-back people, sangria, relax and easy living. But what I’m getting is the nitty-gritty, dark and (primarily because of Marco) the seedy aspect of Spain.

    And I find it funny that you can take the Korean out of the Korea, but the kdrama will still end up with the same number of hospital bed scenes. It’s as if characters in kdramas have a GPS tracking device attached to their rears so they land in the nearest hospital in any city of the world. 😀

  13. Sorry @Oli , I didn’t mean to generalise gaming people as thoughtless people ☺️

    It’s just JW’s character base on the earrings. I loved that bunch of roses that he gave to HJ when they were still in Granada though. I’m a sucker for big bunches of flowers 😂

    Let’s see if there will be any more gift giving in the last 4 episodes.

  14. @agdr03 no need to say sorry 🙂 I know you were talking about JW

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