Love O2O: Ep 18 The Keys

After eloping, kissing, and cleaning house, he now entrusts her with the keys to the kingdom.

She wants to borrow his bike, most likely to go to the phone rental store and get the test phones she needs. But the bike has a padlock. He hands her his whole key clip.

Nai: These are the office keys. The bike lock key is in my desk drawer. Help yourself.
WW: Office keys?
Nai: I’m heading out. Be careful on your own.

I know some people might find this a bit over-the-top. He’s too protective. After all, Weiwei’s an adult, and hardly a child who needs reminder to look both ways before crossing the street.

However, I understand what he means here. In romance world, this signifies that he’s given her his heart and that she carries it with her wherever she goes. She and his heart are one and the same. She takes good care of his heart when she takes good care of herself.

As soon as Nai walks away, Friend #1 Old Man criticizes his lax security. “What if Third Sis is spy?” Mozart, as usual, defends their sis-in-law, saying that she can’t possibly steal the computer code with physical keys. “Nai is very clever. Our code is encrypted with a 128-digit, asymmetrical combination of passwords. That means you can’t solve it. You may also destroy everything.”

Friend #2 Monkey coughs to warn them that Weiwei can hear them carelessly discussing “secrets” out in the open. Weiwei scares them, “If I were a spy, I’d get rid of you two first.” And the guys dash off guiltily.

Although Mozarta is very sweet to jump to Weiwei’s defense, I don’t think he gets it. Nai won’t hesitate, not even for a second, to entrust Weiwei with a 128-digit passcode if she asks for it.

So this small brief scene is actually a milestone in their relationship. The keys are simply a symbol or a representation. He hands over to her something more valuable than his office keys for safekeeping. He trusts that she will protect and guard it.

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  1. Agree! No question that Nai doesn’t want her to be hurt in any way and he fully trusts her. They are each other’s half and so they hold the key to each other’s heart. I thought it was sweet of him to tell her to be careful. 🙂

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