He’s Psychometric: On Creating Heroes

@peachietime wrote,

But I am still so uneasy about it’s always Ahn realizing what he hurts her, it’s like the entire journey of him realizing how lightly he took by saying he would help her. Also him learning to put himself into the victim’s shoes (and every thing you said in this review).

But I am still having a hard time finding Jaein doing the same thing for Ahn. Can you please help me by point out what has she done for Lee Ahn that’s not for training him to help clear for her father’s name?

I am such a emotional person when coming to watching drama I cannot stand unfairness between the characters. I don’t like seeing only one side has been giving and not really receiving and it’s bugging me since Tuesday lol Every time I see Lee Ahn’s face I feel sad lol I want to enjoy the drama like I did for the past 4-5 weeks!

Sorry, @peachietime, I can’t pull that rabbit out of the hat.  I can’t list all the recent things Jaein’s done for Lee Ahn that isn’t related to his psychometric skills because there’s nothing there to list. lol.

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For this week’s episodes, the spotlight was mainly on Ahn and Jisoo, the two recognizable “givers,” in their respective couple sets. Hence, it seemed like there was an imbalance in their relationships. Ahn was doing all the work for Jaein; Jisoo was doing all the chasing after Sungmo. I can see why you would feel that devotion, and service in particular, were lopsided, one-way, and unreciprocated in Episode 10.

Even in the “Little Prince,” the rose did nothing but allow her perfume to permeate the air while the Little Prince slavishly followed her every request.

But here are my random thoughts on this:

It’s possible that Ahn had more distance to cover before he learned what true love meant.

Remember, young Jaein was pretty mature for her age. It showed in this simple scene in Ep 9. She was helping distribute the flyers for her dad, and she noticed Sungmo’s limp. Responsible and empathic were the two character traits in display here.

Meanwhile, young Lee Ahn was playing cops-and-robbers with his gang of friends. He appeared cheeky and playful. He was looking for a playmate.

That he was spoiled by his parents was established from Episode 1. I still remember his tantrum when he received a homemade puppy stuffed toy for his birthday gift when he wanted a real dog for his birthday.

Like most precocious child, he knew his parents’ weak spot, and his parents easily yielded to his demand.

This young Lee Ahn grew up to be just as indulged and, to me, the only reason he doesn’t come off as bratty, annoying and narcissistic is that he’s naturally good-natured. He may be spoiled but he doesn’t have a mean streak. Well, he COULD have grown up to be an anti-social kid. He was already on his way to becoming a notorious “gangster” or street brawler after his Hyung left him. But his Hyung’s reappearance magically transformed him back to the sweet kid that he was.

However, we can’t overlook the fact that, of all the characters, he IS the only one without a job or demands imposed on him. He’s what I would call a “free-spirit” if I was being diplomatic, or a “bum,” “slacker,” and “good-for-nothing,” if I was being honest. 🤷‍♀️

Perhaps because of his traumatic childhood, the tragic deaths of his parents or his incredible gift/curse, his circle of friends pamper him. His Hyung, Jisoo and Daebong give in to him. Sure, Sungmo and Jisoo scold him in loco parentis, but there’s no severe repercussion or atonement following his escapades and antics. Especially with Daebong, Ahn is adept at pulling his strings.

So learning to be responsible for somebody else is a big step for him in the right direction. Having a girl like Jaein who won’t put up with his shenanigans or succumb easily to his aegyo is a significant milestone in his personal growth.

Moreover, I don’t usually keep tabs on who-does-more in a relationship because as I said in my reviews of Love O2O, it’s rarely an even 50-50 split between partners. A loving relationship isn’t a balance scale.

Again, if you want to relate this to “The Little Prince,” then you need look no further than this famous quote, “What’s essential is invisible to the eye.” We cannot calculate, pinpoint or cite exactly what contributions a partner like Jaein brings to the table because these may be an intangible asset, imperceptible benefit…or simply put, a gift invisible to the eye. 🙂

Ahn realized this: he offered his service freely because he wanted to help her.  His service cost him nothing but gained him the admiration of the girl he liked. He admitted to offering to help because part of him wanted to impress Jaein and act cool in front of her.

He didn’t expect that using his psychometric skills on her and “reading” her trauma would backfire and cause him pain. The moment it did hurt him, he immediately withdrew from her. He was enraged that he would be asked to help out somebody whom he blamed for all his miseries.

Ahn: You…you’re dad is… Yoon Tae Ha?
Jaein: You know my dad?
Ahn: No way.
Jaein: You also know about that case? (He steps back.) My dad was a firefighter before he worked as a security guard. The person who was most worried about the apartment catching fire was my dad, and when the apartment was on fire, my dad was the one to bring people out. He’s definitely not that type of person. My dad was framed.
Ahn: “He’s not that type of person.” That’s the only reason you believe in him?
Jaein: Lee Ahn.
Ahn: After I got this shitty ability, do you know what torments me the most? Those punks who act like goody-two-shoes on the outside. I’ve seen all of the atrocious things that they do when no one’s looking. The fact that human beings are dirty, hideous, and awful. The first person who ever made me feel those things! The person that I’ll resent as long as I live is your father.
Jaein: What are you talking about? (chases him) Ahn, explain it to me so I’ll understand.

He refused and walked away from her.

To me, this demonstrated his limit: he was only willing to give of himself until it started hurting. Only up to here and no further.

Image result for line in the sand gif

But we all know that to love means to give until it hurts no more.

Moreover, there was another lesson that Ahn needed to learn in this episode. He needed to grow up and see that love doesn’t require showing off badges,

nor rescuing her like she’s a damsel in distress,

and pretending to be a superhero.


But love simply means bringing out the best in each other.

Then, there this. No, she wasn’t stooping to his level. She was elevating him to her level.

Also this, rejoicing at their teamwork.

This, too. They both recognize that he’s growing leaps and bounds because of her.

Finally, there’s this. Do you notice it? He’s getting the habit of quoting her, “Jaein says…” He’s using her as his moral compass. lol.

And there you have, @peachietime. That’s my answer to your question, “What has she done for Lee Ahn that’s not for training him to help clear for her father’s name?”

She brings out the best in him. lol.

Jaein’s essential “contribution” to their relationship may be hard to see at first, but it’s there in plain sight.

And I dare say that by the end of this series, she’ll have brought out the hero in him, too.


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  1. Thank you so much for all your He is Psychometric posts so far. Your reviews and observations provide another perspective/a different insight to the characters and their development. I feel like some of the viewers (from the ones I found during my twitter search) took what they watched at face value when things are not as black and white as they seem.

    While some of the hints (implied or not) are boldly presented, there are also nuances and subtle clues in their conversations and actions for the viewers to interpret. Like Ahn’s readings, the show is feeding us pieces of the puzzle but never the whole picture and your posts have helped tremendously in interpreting what we are being shown so far. Thank you again!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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