Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Ep 13 Highlights

Last episode, GWY found out, through his Prof, that Situ Mo was jealous of Yu Yin.

Last episode, too, STM’s friend, Meng Lu, broached the topic of jealousy.

ML: So Gu WeiYi stays with her every day. Aren’t you worried?
Mo: (forcefully) Cut the crap. Worry? Why should I?

Now, you have to see the double standards here. If Situ Mo was a beautiful, intelligent and rich girl, nobody would have dared to ask her, “Are you worried?” that GWY had a pretty colleague. In fact, Meng Lu would have assessed YuYin’s attempt to win him from STM as futile. But in the back of her mind, STM believed as well that she couldn’t compare to YY. Unconsciously, she told Meng Lu that she wasn’t worried in order to cover up the fact that she was. Her denial is her way of coping with her jealousy.

ML: You trust him so much then.
Mo: Trust him? It has nothing to do with me.
ML: Alright then. But if that were me, I’d surely be worried. After all, GWY is good-looking. Even if he doesn’t fall in love with her, she might have a crush on him.
Mo: I never have a crush on him. It has nothing to do with me.
ML: You can’t run from it. You’ll be the first one to be splashed by acid as you’re staying with Gu WeiYi.

lol. There are at least four ways to interpret her reaction: a) she lacks self-awareness, b) she’s clearly not paranoid, c) she’s in denial, d) all of the above.

In Episode 10, when she overheard her colleague on the phone that “people in love” are notoriously insane, she failed to see that she herself as one of those “people in love.” In Episode 12, when she was told that it was natural to feel worried that GWY hung out with a pretty girl all day, she again failed to see how that concerned her. In this episode, she learned the extent of her jealousy.

1. Jealousy, part 2

YY: There’s something that I’d like to ask you. Do you think … do you think there’s a pure relationship between a man and a woman?
Mo: Huh?
YY: You’re staying with Gu WeiYi but you two aren’t a couple so I’m wondering about it. Or you guys…
Mo: No. We’re just friends.
YY: But when a man stays with a woman, you might… (hahaha. I think she’s about to say “develop feelings for each other.”)
Mo: Absolutely not.

YY beamed at her and she smiled back.

Now, part of me thinks STM made an idiotic move there. But part of me understands why she did it. Call it stubbornness. She had been just been pestered by Meng Lu and put in a defensive mode. She insisted, “I never have a crush on him. It has nothing to do with me.” When YY questioned her, too, about GWY a few minutes later, she stuck to her guns and rejected the suggestion outright that there was more to their platonic relationship. “No, we’re just friends.”

Mo: (it’s her turn to ask) Senior, why did you ask? Are you into Gu Wei Yi?
YY: That’s right. (And Situ Mo face freezes up). Oh yeah. He said he’ll come for lunch with me. Why didn’t he come.
Mo: I thought he’s busy with the experiments in the old campus.
YY: We moved here a long time ago, didn’t he tell you?
Mo: No. Maybe he thinks I’m not important…(stops herself) maybe he thinks it’s not important and he doesn’t need to tell me.
YY: Yes, as you’re not helping in the experiments

Now, I don’t 100% sure why she corrected herself and switched from saying “I’m not important” to “it’s not important.” But my sense is that she was peeved that she wasn’t told, so she retracted her words and used a more neutral approach.

lol. Really, though. Situ Mo was right. There was no call for jealousy.

GWY hadn’t behaved towards YY with any tenderness. He didn’t even open the doors for her.

And it wasn’t YY’s picture that he was interested in.

lol. I wondered what he intended to do with her meal plan? Was he going to use her picture as a screensaver??!! I’d kill him if I were Situ Mo. Was he going to brag around saying that she was his girlfriend? Or was he making an album or something? I’m sure I’ll find out sooner or later.

2. The Cat

To me, the best part about Situ Mo overhearing YY and GWY in the stairwell talking about the cat is that she copied Yu Yin. 🙂

Did you notice it?

YY used the cat to come onto GWY. She probably wanted to flirt when him but since this was unacceptable, she used the cat as her “proxy.” Asking GWY whether he thought the cat was cute was similar to asking him if he found her cute.

YY: Do you think I’m cute? (wiggling the cat in front of GWY)
YY: I’ll come to you if you don’t respond.

WY: Cute.

Situ Mo also used the cute cat to come on to WY. Teasing him is a more acceptable form of flirting with him. And just like YY, she used the cat as a “proxy”. She could hardly ask him to kiss her. But in teasing GWY to give the cat a kiss, she was able to channel her “inappropriate” and subconscious wish into something acceptable and playful.

WY: Sit down. Step back.
Mo: Don’t be angry. It didn’t hurt you purposely. I’ll come to you if you’re angry.
WY: I’m not angry. Don’t come near. I’m not angry.
Mo: Dingdang wants to eat dried fish.
WY: I only have cat food.
Mo: No, dried fish.
WY: Okay, I’ll buy it for you.
Mo: Dingdang wants to thank you. It wants to give you a kiss.

WY: What are you doing? (covering himself with a pillow)

What was she doing? lol. She was unconsciously mimicking YuYin’s playful banter, “Do you think I’m cute? I’ll come closer to you if you don’t answer.” This haunted her since she heard them behind closed doors.

Mo: Don’t be ashamed (removing the pillow) Come on. Come on.
WY: Step back.
Mo: What if I don’t step back? What are you gonna do? Huh?
WY: I’ll kiss you then.

Mo: Pffft. You did it before. When you’re drunk. (whoops!) I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.

That was a Freudian slip. But then again, she’d been thinking of it earlier that day. Remember? Her colleague had asked her who her boyfriend was and she immediately thought of her kiss with Gu WeiYi.

The difference in Gu WeiYi’s reaction to the two girls scaring him with the cat is noteworthy, too. He didn’t flirt with YY. He just gave in and said that the cat was cute. End of story.

He could have done the same thing with Situ Mo when she teased him with the cat. He could have just said no and stalked off to his room. But he played along with her.

3. Her name is Situ Mo

FP: You snatched my girlfriend. You’re such a bad boy, you know?
WY: Was she your girlfriend at that time?
FP: Almost.

I like how Gu WeiYi asserted himself here. He wanted it clear that Fu Pei was never Situ Mo’s boyfriend.

FP: I feel like giving you a whack.
WY: Let’s fight. Don’t call her Momo again if I beat you down.
FP: Are you getting crazy today?

Fu Pei knew that WY was being reckless challenging him to fight because WY wasn’t athletic as he was.  Then, STM calls him up.

Mo: Did you call me?
WY: Why didn’t you pick up the call?
Mo: I was in the bathroom and my phone was in the living room.
WY: You’re home? (no answer) Why didn’t you tell me?
Mo: Why should I? Alright. Bye.

FP asked him, “She hung up on you, huh? Momo isn’t easy to be handled.” WeiYi didn’t answer but gave him a death stare instead. He didn’t want FP calling STY by that name “Momo”. I think it’s because “Momo” implied a familiarity with STM, a long-time familiarity, and he didn’t liked that. “Momo” is a term of endearment and he didn’t want FP to be calling STM by a pet name when he didn’t.

FP got the message and promised never to call her Momo again.

And that’s why I hesitated calling Situ Mo “Momo”. Around the 3rd episode, I noticed that Gu WeiYi never called her Momo. He addressed her by her full name. Her mom did call her Momo, though.

Anyway, I thought it was weird that GWY kept on calling Situ Mo. He assumed that they had an agreement to ride home together because they were at the same campus but STM never arranged to go home with him. Did he forget how their last conversation went when STM picked up her ID and Meng Lu’s phone?

WY: Have you been waiting long?
Mo: Just arrived.

He walked down two steps to stand at eye-to-eye level with her, but she studiously avoided his eyes. BTW, GWY’s style is preferable than FP’s style of bending over to talk to her height.

WY: Take it. (handing her ID and ML’s phone.)
Mo: Thank you, I’m leaving.
WY: Huh? Where are you going?

lol. Can somebody please make a compilation of all the times he asked her, “Where are you going?” He’s sounding like a broken record.

Mo: Dorm.
WY: What time will you go home?
Mo: I don’t know.
WY: I’ll wait for you; let’s go back together.

Awwww… Now that he knew what had been bugging her, he was willing to overlook her crankiness and give her extra attention.

Mo: I don’t want to disturb you.
WY: It’s alright. I…
Mo: I’m not alright.

And she left him. He puzzled over her action again. “What’s wrong again? Jealous again? But I didn’t do anything??”

Ouch! He had just been with YY and the Math Guy prior to meeting with Situ Mo and he’d already forgotten about that conversation. This just proved how forgettable YY was to him.

See that? Did she agree to going home with him? I didn’t her agree to his suggestion.

4. The Doraemon song

“It’s a song,” he said.

“Stop pressing the doorbell,” she said.

“I’d throw a shoe at him,” I said.

It’s hard for me to keep a straight face when a guy sings out-of-tune so I’ll just pretend that I’m angry.

But here’s the Doraemon song if you want to hear it.

I think he wanted to remind her that he was her Doraemon. Remember what she said to him at the beach? That he was like a Doraemon to her. Well, now he was a Doraemon again giving her gift.

I like that he showed her how the microscope worked.

Finally! I think he realized that she had been jealous all along when YY dropped by with the microscope. That time, STM had been as excited as he was over the new equipment but he ignored her.

While he demonstrated the microscope to YY, he iced her out.

Now, he was showing her it worked. And she was mesmerized by him

They shared a “moment.” lol. This was a cute scene so I took a lot of screenshots.

This was funny because I noticed that her hair was clinging to his face. Meaning, they generated static electricity. hahaha.

But I think I know what the director was trying to allude here.


Related image

But the nerdy version. GWY and STM were having an “intimate” moment looking at Brownian motion of molecules from orange juice.

It’s too bad then that STM received a message from colleague saying, “Your cutie suddenly appears” because in a flash, her mood changed. She remembered GWY and YY joking in the stairwell. So she told GWY to leave as he was disturbing her.

Her bad mood didn’t dampen his good spirits though. I think he could smile because he was no longer insecure of her feelings for him. He knew that FP was out of the picture and that STM felt jealous of him and YY.

He handed her a present before he headed to his room. The Doraemon mug was truly a thoughtful gift.

I know he would never figure out that she’d broken her Doraemon mug because she wasn’t paying attention. That time, she was remembering YY’s visit and felt gloomy and depressed. She knocked off her mug because of her inattention.

So the Doraemon mug was a nice gift because it tied in the beginning and the end of her jealousy. Jealousy was the reason she broke it.  And now, it’s a peace-offering from Gu WeiYi because she didn’t have to feel jealous in the first place.

5. Cat-sitting

The following day, with the help of Fu Pei he figured out what had been bothering her. She overheard him with YY talking about the cat and mistook their conversation for flirtation. She was jealous of the cat!  So he borrowed it from the Math guy to clear up their misunderstanding.

He disliked the cat but he’d rather endure the cat than another day of Situ Mo’s wrath.

It was cute the way he carried the cat in a baby carrier…errr… cat carrier while waiting for STM’s bus to arrive. But it was cuter still the way he evaded the lady trying to chat him up.

First, he took a back step to let the lady pass. Then, when she said “Hello,” he glared at her like she was a madwoman. He answered her curtly and offered her scanty information. And once he saw Situ Mo get off the bus, he took off.

In comparison, he smiled widely when he approached her.

But he teased her non-stop about the “cute” cat.

Mo: Where did you get it? You want to raise a kitten?
WY: It’s Zhou Lei’s kitten. He needs my help for several days.
Mo: (talking to the cat) Meow.
WY: Cute isn’t it?

Situ Mo looked at him oddly. She remembered that “cute” was her trigger word.

Mo: Not bad.
WY: My Senior said this is the cutest stage of a kitten.

He brought up the Senior to check her reaction and see if his guess was correct: she was jealous because she misinterpreted their conversation.

Mo: Really?

And she sped up, leaving him behind. He just smiled. lol. That meanie! He was deliberately provoking her.

WY: Hey! Wait up! The kitten will feel dizzy.

In the elevator, he received a text from FP advising him to stick to STM, to follow her wherever she went because a clingy person was hard to avoid. But she escaped to her bedroom as soon as they entered the apartment. He knocked on her door.

Mo: What’s wrong?
WY: I don’t know what to do with the kitten.
Mo: Why did you bring it back then?
WY: Zhou Lei said the rules of the dorm is strict recently. He has nowhere to hide it. My senior stays in the dorm, too.

Ugh! Like waving a red flag to a bull. Did he have a death wish?

WY: (handing her the bag) Please take care of it.
Mo: Why should I?
WY: I don’t like the kitten.
Mo: Why did you bring it back then?
WY: Because somebody got it wrong when we were in the room next to the stairs. I meant that the KITTEN was cute. Not my senior. Actually…

Situ Mo got the full import of his words. She knew that Gu WeiYi KNEW that she had been jealous because she’d been listening behind the door and overheard them talk about the kitten being cute. She shoved the cat bag back to him and slammed the door.

I’m feeling second-hand embarassment for her.

Image result for how embarrassing gif

6. Last, but not the least, rescuing Situ Mo from a cat attack

She wasn’t getting mauled by a kitten, okay? But the way he ran to the bathroom

and grabbed the kitten from her arm, you’d think that the cat was a tiger or a rattlesnake.

WY: Did it hurt you?
Mo: No. It’s afraid of the water so it screamed when I put it into the water.

Does he look like a killer to you??

WY: What’s that? (nodding at the scratch on her arm)
Mo: Mosquito bite. I scratched it myself.

He held her wrist to look at her arm himself. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Rewatching this scene, I thought the only way Gu WeiYi could top his quick action was if he ripped off his shirt ala Superman and showed up his (existing or non-existing) abs. lol.

Related image

Okay, that’s it!

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  1. This is one of your most hilarious post for me especially the Doraemon song. I love it! 🤣 🤣 🤣

    That Cat Carrier is sooooo cute! First time I saw it I felt like getting the bag and getting one of those stray cats in Mom’s street. LOL! I’ve never seen it before.

    I love that scene where STM did her Freudian slip. She’s been holding on to it since her birthday so it’s about time. Funny thing is GWY cannot remember it. 🤣

    I’m looking forward to watching it this weekend. I saw some clips in instagram and there’s some mature scenes. 😉

    I don’t like calling her MoMo because it means ghost in my language. 😆

  2. What language is that? MoMo sounds like a barking cow to me.

    Yes, that’s the first time I’ve seen a cat carrier like that. It looks like a spacesuit for a cat. At the beach last weekend, I saw many dogs being strolled in a baby’s carriage. I don’t get that. What happened to walking the dog? And playing “Fetch!” with the dog? Unless the dog has some disability that it can’t walk comfortably, I don’t get the point of a baby stroller. Especially when a stroller costs $260. 🤔

    In one of my trips (I won’t say the country), I found myself in a market haggling with a young boy (around 10 years old?) for fruits. I felt guilty haggling especially when I knew that the object cost nothing to me but it was worth more for the seller. But my guide told me that I MUST bargain; otherwise tourists like me would always be “targeted” and “cheated on”.

    Anyway, to salve my conscience, I haggled it down to what I thought was a fair market price but the “savings” I got, I gave it back to the boy as “tip” after the sale was completed. 😂 And that has become my practice especially when dealing with young and old vendors. Lol. I’m an age-ist!!!

    I’m sure I’m getting scammed at times, but hey if a couple of bucks will make them sleep better at night, I don’t mind.

  3. I think he took a photo of her meal plan card so that he can have a picture of her in his phone and look at it whenever he wants to. I do that too. Or am I weird? Lol

  4. Just wanted to share these bonus clips that I found on YouTube.


  5. Oooh. That was sweet! Thanks!

  6. 😂 you took a picture of your BF’s ID? But why not just take a pic of him for real? Surely, he’d look better than the 2X2 picture on an ID?

    I know I look bitchy — bitchier than normal 😂 — on my passport and driver’s license.

  7. “I know I look bitchy — bitchier than normal 😂 — on my passport and driver’s license”

    I look horrible on those ID photo things. Especially when they say NOT to smile. Yes to getting a “real” pic…then you can have filters galore and iron out wrinkles 😂.

    News about your bias is coming out thick and fast – sounds like it may be a while before we hear about his next project, unlike JCW whose romcom decision “Melt Me” sounds a bit out there and will take a bit to wrap my brain around. SiWan’s drama sounds even weirder but I will watch it just to see him again.


  8. I just went to Ok Taecyeon’s twitter and saw that he posted pics of him counting down the days till his discharge. He was “taking a flying leap” each time. Quirky guy. It’s good that he takes a break first before working. He’ll most likely travel after spending time with family.

    Siwan’s projects are unusual. And 😂 he must have stipulated a no-kissing clause.

    JCW’s romcom? After these tiring romance/thriller combos in kdramas, I want my romcoms as anodyne as possible. It’s okay if they take their time before their comeback. The only actor I remember diving in a project as soon as he was discharged was Lee Seunggi. He filmed Hwayugi right away, plus a variety show. He wanted to make up for lost time (and earnings). 🙂

  9. @packmule3 I think he didn’t really have a legitimate reason to take a photo of Momo, so the ID photo was the next best thing?

    Anyway I was wondering if you had watched the Taiwanese drama “In Time With You”? It’s one of my favourite dramas and I highly recommend it. Although it’s the old best-friends-to-lovers plot, the dialogues are written really well. Quite realistic and no OTT theatrics.

  10. He’s so funny. He has two pictures of her from the beach: the group shot plus the couple shot.

    And he has the birthday party picture. You know, the one he had to take with somebody he liked and STM was sitting behind him.

    So this ID photo is his fourth. It’s blurry and it doesn’t capture her looking very best.

    So hmmmm. I think the writer’s message here is that he loves her no matter how she looks. ❤️❤️❤️

    And my best guess is he’s 🤣🤪🤦‍♀️ he’s going to use this as a photo wallet. I keep my sons’ grad photos in my wallet. STM’s pic can be cropped to remove the ID data then enlarged to make into a wallet-size photo.

    He already has their beach couple pic on his phone so he can look at that.

  11. I wanted to watch the Kdrama version of “In Time With You” but was turned off by Ha JiWon, the female lead. Maybe the Taiwanese drama is better; it’s the original anyway. Thanks for the recommendation.

    I just finished watching Ep 14 early this morning but I think I’ll have to keep on watching Ep 15 bec of the cliffhanger. 😂 Gotta go to work now.

  12. Barking cow! 😂. My native language I meant 😄

    Wow! Dogs in strollers. I know they can be loved more than humans but unless they are disabled, I wouldn’t put them in a stroller. 🙅🏻‍♀️ I’d rather carry them but my dog will be a small one, if we ever have one that is.

    Awww, good on you for doing that good deed. I’m sure even with the haggle they appreciate the tip that you give them. I’m sure you made them happy. 😊

    My sister’s comment on my current passport was , ‘oh there’s a convicted criminal’. 😂

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