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On BoYoung’s “disgusting” real self.



On MinHo and everything he did for BoYoung at the beach


On MinHo’s inconsistencies and BoYoung’s kindness


Episode 9 poem and annoying lyrics



Subverting the previews – just for the heck of it.


Flash Poll Ep 10, part 3, “Thank you for everything you everything you didn’t do”


Flash Poll Ep 10, part 2, explaining BoYoung’s hallucination


Flash Poll Ep 10, part 1, explaining Ye’s indecisiveness, Defcon


Flash Poll Episode 10

Throwback Tuesday: FYI on Reply 1988 hero

LaLa Land and Reply 1988 iconic moments

Flash Poll on Episode 9

“What Would Oppa Do” when Girlfriend is upset?

On families and being treated like a girl instead of GIRLfriend material.

On rebound love and symbolism of cotton candy

The list of poems, Ep 1 to 8

To grow old with somebody

Camels, Bad grades, and Cotton candy parodies

The way I love you. He is so sensible and so incredible…

The meaning of the titles.

On MH’s jealousy and Karma. “Don’t like Ye Jae Wook”

MH’s and Ye’s Points of no return

MY point of no return = Is MinHo sick? I hope this isn’t makjang because I’m outta here.

On how being with MinHo toughens up BoYoung, Dr. Ye treats BY professionally, and the minor characters help the plot.

Another day, another animal metaphor.

Winners and Losers of Episode 7: Dr. Ye’s high points

MinHo’s missing flashback and Dr. Ye’s ignored flashback

At the Presscon

Reflecting on the Struggles of a Senior Citizen (lol)

On Snail Brides

On Dr Ye’s supposed kindness

10 Thing I Hate About You, Minho

The Great Seducer Connection

Who’s the Male Lead, week 3

MinHo the clown runs over Dr. Ye

Catchphrases for characters

Who’s the Male Lead, week 2

Heartbreaking vs heartwarming

The Apple Story