Welcome to all sassy, cranky, snarky, classy, bitchy drama-lovers!

Shout-out to my favorites:

Nearsea, bebe1989, mslee,
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seogwangnim, kokodus
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and to the other closet-bitches out there.

Not welcome here:

Grammar Nazis. Hey! Try writing in Korean, Chinese, Tamil, and Klingon before correcting somebody’s English.

Oppa-freaks. Oppas are fair game. No oppa is god, especially when he’s only an idol.

Seagulls. You know those pesky birds at the beach that swoop in and poop on your head or dive in and STEAL your boardwalk fries? Yes, those seagulls. I don’t mind if readers occasionally post crappy posts, or nab an idea and talk about it on another website. But if you’re a habitual seagull here, I’ve squirt guns aimed at you.

And finger guns. Pew. Pew. Pew.

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Sensitive and easily-triggered people. Please quarantine yourselves or “Deal with it!”

Politicians and lawyers. Unless they’re willing to be maligned.

and Mods.

…because I’m the mod over here and I adopt a laissez-faire attitude toward posting of opinions. I like people who can state their case and argue it well. Bonus points for wit and humor. We can disagree vociferously but at the end of the day, let’s all remain classy-ass bitches.

This is my blog.

If a guest is monopolizing the conversation with oppa-drivels (i.e., oppa is handsome, oppa is heart-eu, oppa has abs/pecs/mantitty, oppa is hawt, oppa is as;dga;sdkg!), trolling, spamming, attacking other posters personally, being a pain-in-the-derriere (≠ bitch), and just generally making it tedious for me to write here, it’s my sole discretion and authority to remove the post, and disinvite the guest by blocking or banning him/her.

Bitch rules.