Fluttering Alert: Heart-Fluttering Moments Ep 15

I’m doing this in reverse, starting with the end scene, and working my way to the beginning of the episode. I must have watched the beginning a thousand times already but I couldn’t get past the halfway point without interruptions.

Although this episode lacked dramatic actions, it had plenty of “meaningful” conversations. It took me longer than usual to type the dialogue.


10. The proposal

WH: Until now, the best memories of my life were times with you. The happiest times of my life. Will you be with me?

The subs seemed off here. I think WooHyun was telling her that his best MEMORIES so far had been those times spent with her. But now he was asking her if she’d like to continue spending the happiest times with him in the future.

He was making a distinction: past memories were one thing and creating happy memories was another. Would she consider staying and sharing those future blissful moments together?

To me this was heart-fluttering because she actually thought she was fine doing without a proposal but when he proposed she was moved to tears.

9. Writing the wedding vows

YJ: Then, instead of a proposal, how about a wedding vow. We don’t have an officiant and it’s just a family gathering. So it’d be nice to have a special wedding vow.
WH: Wedding vow? (lol. She was taking the lead again!! Go, girl.)
YJ: Not the common ones like, until death do us part. Something like sincere promises to each other for every day.

She didn’t want abstract vows like promising eternity together. She wanted concrete promises that would reveal how special their relationship was to them. She wanted the vows to be personal and authentic.

Besides, considering that her parents marriage ended because death DID part them, she probably didn’t want to dwell on death.

WH: This is harder than management studies.
YJ: It’s really hard for me, too. But think clearly before you write since you have to keep these promises forever.

Hahaha! I love how she nagged him to think clearly. She didn’t want him promising her something he couldn’t fulfill.

WH: Even if my wife, who is a bit of a klutz, but optimistic and pure-hearted makes a mistake, I’ll not get mad or cast blame.

YJ: For my husband who has no family memories, I’ll spend as much time as possible with him to create memories. And no matter how busy we are, we will travel at least once a month together.

WH: My wife who is fond of alcohol even though she can’t drink it well, even if she comes home late fully drunk, I will not change the front door passcode. I’ll take good care of her and put her to sleep comfortably. And the next morning, I’ll make sure to make her hangover soup.

YJ: No matter what, I won’t decide on things alone. I’ll discuss it with my husband, and I’ll definitely not sign any guarantees or contracts.

8. To propose or not to propose

I bet WooHyun had been talking with his “relationship coach,” his Stephyung.

WH: I don’t need to propose to propose to you? I hear women are hurt if the men don’t.
YJ: If you do, I’d love it but there’s no time and you’re busy. And we already have so many special dates.
WH: Are you saying you want one or you don’t want one?

Ooohh. I find this heart-fluttering. He was teasing her like he did a long time ago in Episode 6 when he described Wannabe Wife as “pretty in her own way.” Remember? YooJung thought he’d say outright that she was prettier than Wannabe Wife. After all, he was her boyfriend so his admiration was expected.

Little did she know that he said that to get a reaction from her. She was cute when she was annoyed and feigned nonchalance.

Hahaha. Her pouting face was funny.

Even though WooHyun hadn’t dated before, I find that he was very much at ease flirting with YooJung. Essentially, teasing her or playing with words was his flirtation style.

Here, he was pretending not to know whether she wanted a proposal or not. But all along he had already planned to surprise her with an event.

He “got” what she wasn’t saying. She said she’d LOVE a proposal but there was no time and he was busy so she was “settling” for their special dates. She was being “reasonable” in her demands and didn’t want to burden him further. That was all the cue he needed from her.

7. Texting each other

YJ: WH-ssi, are you busy?
WH: Where are you, YJ-ssi? Are you busy?
YJ: I’m helping out at my dad’s restaurant.
WH: You remember we have to rehearse at the garden, right?

lol. Why was he reminding HER?! I thought this was sweet. He had big news to tell her about his appointment as the new director but his first thought was to remind her of people!! not to forget about their wedding rehearsal.

YJ: Of course.
WH: I’m craving food made by Aboji.
YJ: Should I wrap it up and deliver it to you?
WH: And now, I miss you too suddenly. I’ll come now.

Awwww… he didn’t want to eat by himself. He wanted to eat with her sitting across from him.

I like how happy he was just watching her interacting with her fans.

And I like the brief moment when she was kidding around as he arranged the bowls on the tray. She was again being “handsy” with him. She even gave him a body bump.

She even gave him a body check. lol

And I like that they both offered to stay longer at the restaurant to help out. As her father pointed out when he tried to give YJ an “allowance” for their assistance that night, he earned less than them. But because WH and YJ were simple folks and enjoyed being together, it didn’t matter to them if they were working a “menial” job just as long as they were with each other.

6. Meeting his dad

I like that YJ finally met his dad.

YJ’s Dad: Welcome. Take a seat please. I think it’s your first time here. What would you like to eat?
WH’s Dad: I think I better great you before the meal.
YJ’s Dad: What? Why sir?
WH’s Dad: I should’ve come sooner. I am late. Thank you. I’m WooHyun’s father.

Of course, this was the Stepmother’s doing. She relayed the information to her husband about WH’s connection to YJ’s dad who WH regarded and called “aboji”.

YJ’s Dad: What? Chairman? I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you. (bowing to each other) Please have a seat. I only did what I was supposed to do (his job as firefighter was to save lives) and it’s WooHyun who has not forgotten and has been looking after me.

He was claiming that WH was looking AFTER him to ease the guilt of WH’s dad. He didn’t want WH’s dad to feel obligated or grateful to him for looking AFTER WH because he was an absentee dad.

WH’s Dad: (but he knew the truth) You took it upon yourself to be a father, in my place, when I couldn’t.
YJ’s Dad: He’s a good and kind-hearted kid.

For me this scene was heart-fluttering because we understood why WooHyun was a kind and good-hearted man. It’s because a kind and good-hearted man raised him, too: YooJung’s dad. YooJung has fallen for WooHyun — for his kind of goodness — in the same way that her own mom loved her dad for his goodness. It’s a full circle.

YJ: (bursting into the restaurant) Dad, I’m here. Give me food.
YJ’s Dad: YooJung.
YJ: What? (her dad motioned toward WH’s Dad and she recognized him) Hello. Nice to meet you for the first time. I’m Yoon YooJung.

WH’s Dad: I came to meet your father, but I get to meet you too. I’ve got good timing.
YJ: I should’ve gone to see you to greet you.
WH’s Dad: No. No. I’m a father who isn’t qualified to receive that greeting first. Congratulations on your wedding.
YJ: Thank you. Chairman, you’ll come too, right?
WH’s Dad: I haven’t been invited by WooHyun yet. If WH approves, I will go.
YJ: Yes. Please come. (and he nodded)
WH’s Dad: My car is waiting outside. I’ll come again.
YJ’s Dad: How about a meal before you go?
YJ: (respectfully) Bye! I thought he was cold and scary.

lol. This reminds me of their WooHyun and YooJung’s first breakfast together. WH asked her if she was scared of him, and she replied, “The way you talk is cold, but your eyes look kind and warm, too.”

I like how their situation is now reversed. In Episode 4, when WH announced their fake relationship in a press conference, the dad told him bluntly that his dating news didn’t fool him. He told WH, “That seems like something created in a rush and I’m concerned as to what kind of deal you made with Yoon YooJung.” WH answered, “She’s a person I really love. Don’t talk about her like that.” To which, he responded, “Life is long, and love is short.”

In reality, however, his life was short and love was long. He was suffering from a life-threatening illness and that fake relationship of WH and YJ was strong enough to survive several attempts to destabilize it.

He’d come to realize now that YooJung had the most sway over WooHyun because he loved her.

Later on in this episode, she talked to WH about inviting his dad to their wedding. She said, “I asked him if he was coming to the wedding. He said you haven’t invited him yet. The chairman said that he was a father who had no right. I felt weird. You’ll invite him to the wedding, right?” But she dropped it because he didn’t answer.

As I written before, I liked that she didn’t lecture him, but encouraged him to make peace with his father. Knowing that she was on “his side” and had utmost confidence in him making the right decision made him live up to her expectation of a “good person.”

5. Decorating the Christmas tree

Explained here:

Decorating the tree. 

4. Their Wedding photoshoot

Because they looked good together. I love again how handsy she was with him.

3. Fashion statement

YJ: Sora, it’s all pretty, but too flashy. Since I’m having the wedding in a greenhouse garden, I want it to be simpler and classy.
SR: I know but I want to see you wearing something luxurious and flashy.
YJ: I’ve worn them in projects already. Like this one and that one. Can you look into one more time for me?
SR: I got it. I’ll look into it and come back.

Later, she repeated her desire for simple gown.

YJ: Is my outfit ready?
SR: Yes, I hung it so it doesn’t wrinkle. Should I get it now?
YJ: Yep. Is WooHyeon happy with his outfit?

I remember before the first date, she made him try on clothes. She didn’t pressure him when he said he didn’t want to try on more clothes. She explained, “We found out what kind of clothes suit you the best because we tried on all those clothes. This was a meaningful struggle.”

SR: I sent him three outfits he liked. He’s trying the on now. But don’t you think your dress is too simple?
YJ: I’ve worn my fill of flashy ones.

This one reminded me when WH consoled her after her Ex harassed her on the phone. WH said, “You said this before. You find out the first outfit you put on is the better one after you put on the next one. It was a meaningful hardship. Now you’ve gained the discernment to see a good guy due to Hwang Jae Min. Think of it as a meaningful bad encounter and shake it off.”

SR: But still.
YJ: Sora, do you know what people at a wedding envy most about the bride and groom? A flashy dress? A Ring? That’s not it.
SR: Then what?
YJ: That they have someone by their side.

She insisted on wearing for the simple clothes as a FASHION STATEMENT. She’s come to appreciate the essential thing in a wedding isn’t the flower, fashion, rings, candlelights, bridemaids, string quartet, and good weather. It’s the love of a good man that never goes out of style.

2. Getting their parental consent

It’s old fashioned but I liked that they did it anyway: he talked with her dad and she talked with his mom.

WooHyun asked for consent to marry her in a small private wedding.

My impression here is that he was worried that a small wedding would have been taken as a discourtesy or an insult. He was a chaebol son and she was only an actress, so a small wedding would appear to the outside world as if she wasn’t deemed acceptable by his family.

In her case, she was asking his mother’s permission to get married QUICKLY.

My impression here is that she was worried that a rushed wedding would be misinterpreted. He was a chaebol son and she was only actress, so a rushed wedding would appear to the outside world as if WooHyun was being forced into a wedding because she was a mother-to-be or a golddigger. lol.

Fortunately, but both parents accept the small and rushed wedding because that was what they wanted. YJ’s father knew that she wanted a small wedding in the garden because that was where her mother was, and WH’s mother agreed to the quick wedding because she was afraid that WooHyun might change his mind. The mom asked her if WY was hurrying up the wedding. When she denied it saying, “WooHyun said they could take their time,” the mom protested. “No. No. Next week is great. Do it. Get it done. This is the first time my WooHyun wants to get married so we need to give him a push.”

And lastly, 1. Her proposal

YJ: WooHyeon-ssi, do you want to get married instead of dating?
WH: What? You mean it?
YJ: If I do the project abroad, I’ll be spending half of next year in the US. Then, we won’t see each other in the
WH: Then we won’t see each other for six months.
YJ: That’s why I said we should get married.

He thought about it seriously. She must have been nervously waiting for his response.

WH: Let’s do it.
YJ: What?
WH: Let’s do it, I said.

And they both smiled. Later than night, she had flashback of their conversation.

YJ: Did you have any thoughts on what kind of woman you wanted to marry?
WH: Well, I didn’t really have any desire to get married.
YJ: And now?
WH: We just promised to marry a minute ago.

hahaha. She was fishing for compliments, but he wasn’t falling for it.

YJ: As for me, someone I can converse easily with. Someone who is fun to travel with. Someone I feel happy to be with. I wanted to marry that kind of man.
WH: How about a man who volunteers and does welfare work?
YJ: Well… a man who wagers his life on something so meaningful? A man of convictions. That’s good, of course.
WH: We had some misunderstandings and some other reasons. So I thought I’d accept the chairman’s offer. I’m considering it right now.
YJ: For me, no matter what choice you make, no matter what decision you make, it doesn’t matter to me. Because I’m on your side. (he smiled) Don’t worry about me and choose what you want to choose. (And they held hands)
WH: Thank you.

Note: when she said that it didn’t matter to him, it didn’t mean that she didn’t care what would happen. She meant that she trusted him to make the right decision.


Did I forget anything?

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  1. While not a romantic flutter, it delights me to see Woo-Hyung is keeping Jung-Suk, his StepHyung close. Bro can’t keep his mouth closed to save his life (49:24) but he’s smarter than he looks and is equally interested in doing medical philanthropic work.


    Those sincere promises they were drafting (54:13) cracked me up. 23 yrs ago, if my husband and I had written similar vows, they might have been something like:

    tsutsuloo:“I will calmly fill the empty Brita pitcher even though Mr. tsutsuloo used all the water for the coffee—which I do not drink. And I will cheerfully tolerate being splashed by the faucet because he usually leaves it on the sprayer setting.”

    Mr. tsutsuloo: “With great equanimity, I will collect my wife’s desiccated apple cores and half-empty mugs of tea around the house. And I will gently ask to stop spoiling the endings of movies I have not yet seen.”


    I feel all fluttery whenever the show repeats an emotional beats through similar staging or body language.

    During @packmule’s scene #8, Yoo-Jung describes her encounter with Chairman Cha at her dad’s restaurant. She relays the chairman’s self-description as a “father who had no right” (to assume he could come to the wedding). (57:28)

    My heart leapt at 57:28, when Yoo-Jung does that head tilt—the same gesture she made when she calmly urged Woo-Hyun to be kind to his mother.

    Yoo-Jung: You will invite him to the wedding, right?

    He doesn’t reply and she doesn’t press. Yoo-Jung gently suggests a path but never prescribes.


    The proposal scene (59:04) is better with repeat viewing. Its set-up reminds me of one of my favorite scenes when, after working on her art work at the clinic, he returned with drinks to a darkened clinic when shined her light on the artwork’s poem. (And he falls more in love with her. And fell more in love with both of them.)

    This time, she’s the one making her way through the darkened space, surprised by that lovely slideshow celebrating Yoon Eun Hye’s return to drama. (And she falls more in love with him. And we love her for coming back.)

  2. Love your analysis as always…

    This drama is definitely better with subs.. Didn’t enjoy it a lot until I watched with subs. For example, their text messaging exchanges in moment 7 was sweet. I also love how he was the one to remind her of their rehearsal for the wedding. He was probably anxious and excited with his proposal. Ans love how he teases her.

    I also noticed that the first two flashbacks when they were writing their vows were also YEH and CJM’s favorite scenes or parts.

    This drama really is about finding the good people around them and finding joy in simple but sincere love.

  3. so sorry for the duplicate posts….

    it wouldn’t post as it said it was a duplicate so i tried to change some content but then they all posted anywayzzz.

  4. No worries. I’ll take a look and delete the extra ones later. 🤣

  5. Really? The first two flashbacks were YEH and CJM’s favorite parts? Did they say it somewhere? Where? I can add that to the original post so lurkers will know.

    True. The message of this drama is simple but it’s just right for the holiday season. Even the way it treated Wannabe Wife. THAT was simple, too.

    She received a phone call from her dad telling her that she should take responsibility for all the corruption charges and then her dad ended the call. Lol. Disconnection took place literally and metaphorically.

    Good point! This drama definitely needed subs to appreciate. Especially these last episodes because they were all conversational. There wasn’t much action going on. Just lots of dialogues connecting the scenes and explaining the decisions and actions of the characters.

    Yes, reminding her about the rehearsal was just HIM being “anxious and excited about his proposal” as you said. 👍 I watched Ep 16 subbed AFTER typing the list of fluttering moments.

    Lol. So if she said “No, I don’t want a proposal. Really,” would he have ditched his plans? 😀

  6. @packmule3—YEH and CJM described their favorite scenes in this Viki interview. At (1:55) in this clip: https://www.viki.com/videos/1141336v-exclusive-interview-with-the-cast.

    She loved the seaside date (me too) and he favored the wrong-car-in-front-of-convenience-store encounter.

  7. Howdy! 😘 I hope your Christmas was great and same for all the other ladies here who celebrate it 😊

    I just finished watching episode 15. You’ve listed my highlights but I’ll put my number from the top.

    1- WH’s proposal. It made me teary because he really wanted to let YJ know that she’s the one that he wants to spend the rest of his life with even if he already agreed to her at the beginning. It took him 10 seconds to say let’s do it 😊

    2- Spending time at Aboji’s restaurant. You’re gifs was awesome especially that smile from WH while looking at YJ taking pictures with fans. He’s very proud that she’s soon to be his ☺️

    3- That texting between them saying are you hungry? Should I send food? Don’t forget our wedding rehearsal! Sooo sweet! 😍

    4- The conversation between the Mums. I always admire families who are related exactly like WH and SH but live like a true family. I bow down to them!🙇‍♀️

    5- The pre wedding shoot. Her dress was simple but that’s how I imagine YEH would do it too. Private and sending a special message to her fans. If I get my delulu mind working I actually thought they got married for real! 😂 I really found this pairing perfect especially when they look at each other with a smile! 😍

    6- Their wedding vows 😍 Says a lot of how they’ll spend the rest of their lives together. It is exactly how they grew close together and fell inlove ☺️

    These are my highlights. I’ll watch episode 16 today too so I can catch up 😉

    I miss our Milk Couple already 😭

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