He’s Psychometric: Ep 8 Tom and Jerry

Here’s why I think Lee Ahn is boyfriend material. My parameters: Episode 8 moments only.

Part two will come tonight or tomorrow.

1. He steps on the brakes and waits for the green light.

He wasn’t lying when he said, “I’ve cared for no one else since the start. Why I said I’d wait for you. Why I’m following you around saying it’s to improve. You know that too.”

2. He can read her mind. Literally.

…But I’m relieved the actor can’t read fangirls’ minds in real life. He’d feel sexually harassed if he did.

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Ahn: That’s it? You’re saying you had no feelings for me? …(bluffing)… I don’t think so.
JI: What did you see?
Ahn: Memories…about me. A panoramic view of when we met up until now.
JI: No way. W-w-wwhy would you see such a thing? There’s no way. No way. I didn’t think about you at all though?
Ahn: How many negatives do you use in one sentence?

lol. I knew he was bluffing when he glanced at her and said, “I don’t think so.” But I like it turned out that Jaein DID have memories of him. As he predicted, it was a panoramic view of when they met two years ago until now. In a weird way, he knew her mind even before he read it.

I’m posting the screenshots here, instead of waiting for the ending, so Jaein’s actions throughout this episode can be understood in context of her shyness to reveal her real feelings to him.

It’s no wonder, too, that in Episode 5 she hesitated to touch him. She wasn’t prepared to let him know at that time that she liked him. She was protecting her secret crush.

But the fact that she was willing to “ET-commune” with him with her pointer finger meant that she was willing to brave it out.

Here’s the vision when Lee Ahn “read” Jaein”.

From her visions, we can tell that she didn’t know what to expect of him when he was being kind and attentive to her.

Then, when they met again, she found herself smiling at his every action…even when she sounded exasperated with him.

She already decided to look for him.

See that? Knowing that she felt this way, we can understand her behavior. She’s sometimes hot and sometimes cold with him. She likes him yet she doesn’t want him to know. She ignores him then waits for him. She’s sweet with him one minute, then bossy the next.

She’s playing hard to get. lol.

3. He pretends to be “whipped” by Jaein.

Look, I don’t advocate domestic abuse. But here I think he’s only pretending to be hurt when she’s thumping him, just like he pretended the book hit him in the prison. He exaggerates.

No, he wasn’t. His hands were a good 16 inches away from the book.

He can win an acting award for this. lol.

He allows Jaein to take revenge on him because he knows he did wrong embarrassing her like that.

4. Tom and Jerry

Ahn: (escaping her) Hey, hey! You don’t know about “reading questions”? (It’s) bait that you throw out to get the answer you want. Read-ing-ques-tions?! It was in the book you recommended. I remembered and applied something I learned. You should praise me, not kick me.
JI: You’re wrong. It’s LEADing questions. Not READing questions. Reading questions. Reading. (He starts running away from him. and she starts chasing him again.)
Ahn: (he worries about her safety). You might trip.

Tom and Jerry relationship: When he’s running as fast as he can to get away from you,* but he’s worried that you might trip on the stairs.

*because you’re spitting mad at him for the prank he played on you

5. He values their first kiss.

Jaein: How could you not see anything? When it was such a big deal for me?
Ahn: Still I think I gained something big.

At first, I didn’t get why she gave him a mean look here.

But I get it now. When he said that he gained “something big”, he meant that he got his “FIRST KISS” from her. I think that’s why he’s bowing his head in gratitude and/or apology. lol.

It’s an awkward post-mortem examination of the kiss. He liked that he kissed her, but he couldn’t very well admit that because it would make him a pervert.

By the way, check out their His-and-Hers benches. He’s sitting as close as possible to her on his bench without falling off the bench, but she’s far away as possible for him on her bench.

6. He gets her to cross over her dark side.

I know that girls are supposed to be made of “sugar and spice and all that’s nice” but honestly, it’s good to have an occasional hot paprika or hot chili pepper in the mixture.

Related image

And it’s even better to have a boyfriend who’s at your level of “innocence” but willing to be naughty with you. Right, @agdr03?

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Ahn: Next time, let’s do it suddenly. I get a better reading when my mind is blank, not when there’s a countdown.
JI: If you need it to be sudden, I have to do it to you?

Of course. If he wants it sudden, then it’ll have to be a surprise. SHE’ll have to make move because if HE does it then it isn’t a surprise, right?

Ahn: That’s right.
JI: You’re crazy! You want me to do that? No way.
Ahn: You just have to touch me whenever (lol. he wasn’t demanding a kiss) Does that require you to be crazy?
JI: Oh! I thought… (touching her lips)
Ahn: What are you thinking about right now? (touching his lips, too) You acted so pure and innocent, but you’re so perverted.
JI: (she puts her hand down) You dragged me down to your level. My level of thinking is just the same as yours. (Meaning if she’s thinking perverted thoughts, it’s because she’s now at his level of thoughts.)

She stands up to leave in a huff.

Ahn: Let’s go together. (He follows her to the elevator.) I also have to go this way, you know. (standing beside her, he whispers) Gutter mind.

She gives him the dead stare but it just rolls of him. Gutsy!

7. He speaks up for her.

Det Jisoo tells them to eat quickly as she has to go back to the station. Jaein thinks it’s a command from her superior.

JI: Okay. (She starts gulping down her udon noodles and chokes.)
Ahn: Eat slowly. (then telling Jisoo) Noona, because you said to eat quickly she’s swallowing it all.
Jisoo: (looks up from her phone) I’m sorry. Take it slowly.

I think this relationship is cute: Jaein’s idol and superior is just a “noona” to him. Jaein bosses around Ahn but she looks up to Det Jisoo. But Jisoo indulges Ahn like a big sister and treats Jaein like a junior.

8. He doesn’t tattle about intimate things.

Det Jisoo asks them how far they’ve progressed with their psychometry lessons. They both remember the kiss. I think Ahn answered it more diplomatically. He’s not the type to talk about reaching “first base” with her.

Ahn: It’s going well. Both theory- and practice-wise.
JI: There hasn’t been much progress yet. You know how unpredictable he can be.
Ahn: (leaning in to tell her) My ability improves with us just being together. I told you, didn’t I? (leaning in more to whisper) The deeper our relationship gets, the more my ability…
JI: (stepping on him)
Ahn: This isn’t the unexpected physical contact I talked about.

His face = this puppy

Image result for this is not what i signed up for meme

Jisoo: You should put in a little more strength like you learned at the police academy
JI: Yes. (He quickly moves his feet away from her reach.)

Ahn: I didn’t know you were the flattering type. How sly of you.

Hmmm… I don’t understand the translation here. But I think what Lee Ahn meant to say was he didn’t expect her to be a brown-noser or somebody who sucks up to the boss by doing what the boss orders.

As usual, she laughs at him when he’s not looking.

9. He’s quick-witted.

Ahn: I’ll come tomorrow morning.
JI: Tomorrow’s my day off. Let’s meet somewhere else other than the library.
Ahn: Where?
JI: The place you hate the most.
Ahn: The place I hate the most are crowded areas. Movie theaters, amusement parks, fireworks, and famous restaurants. Come to think of it, they’re at places for a date.

lol. He’s teasing her because he’s deduced what she’s up to. She’s planning a date with him in the guise of a lesson. He knows she’s being sly again. And nothing gets past him now that he knows she likes him.

The fleeting expression on her face is priceless.

JI: I’m going.
Ahn: Go safely.


Kudos must go to the idol-actor Park JinYoung. He’s a hoot. I didn’t know him before this kdrama so I’m caught off-guard by his facial expressions and reactions. I don’t know what to expect of him when he appears on the screen. I haven’t laughed so much at the portrayal of a kdrama character as much as I have with JinYoung’s Lee Ahn. The closest experience was probably when I was watching Eulachaha Waikiki, Season 1. The actor Lee Yikung had me in stitches, too, because of his character.

Eulachacha Waikiki: American vs Korean Humor

It still blows my brain how this simple head-nod greeting is all at once, tragic, absurd,  hilarious and profound. It’s our human condition.

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That’s it for now. I know it’s Friday morning in Asia so I hope this post of Lee Ahn (portrayed by cutiepie Park Jinyoung of Got milk? lol Got7) will inspire you today.

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  1. “…But I’m relieved the actor can’t read fangirls’ minds in real life. He’d feel sexually harassed if he did”

    trust me, he can..

  2. The actor has already called his fans perverts once 😔

  3. I wouldn’t blame him.

    I’m sure entertainers like him have crazy fangirls who think nothing about sexually objectifying him. Poor kid.

  4. Lol him calling the fans perverts was a joke lol Like “our fans must love these pictures and poses huh? 😏” type of jokes. In real life he is super savage and loves to joke around and tease the fans and his band members. (I am sure he got tons of crazy fans but for calling fans perverts that was a joke between the fans and him)

  5. Question is – is he a close contender for top spot in the Best Boyfriend Award? Is Yang Yang safe?? 😂

  6. Hahaha. I was thinking of the same thing.

    Yang Yang/Xiao Nai is safe. But Lee Ahn/Jinyoung can be our Best Boyfriend of the Week or something. Remember Xiao Nai is the yardstick or the “gold standard” to measure the other guys with.

  7. Good question @nrllee 😃 but given Lee Ahn/Jinyoung’s level of innocence then he can only come close, very close. 😉

    Yang Yang/Xiao Nai will never be replaced as Best Boyfriend Ever. It’s been marked in stone here in Uluru/Ayers Rock. 🤣 😜

    I really really like Jinyoung/Lee Ahn! He’s refreshing and charming at the same time. As much as he’s a little bit slow in understanding things, he still knows the right things to say. I’m loving his chemistry too with JaeIn/Shin Ye-eun.

    And it’s even better to have a boyfriend who’s at your level of “innocence” but willing to be naughty with you. Right, @agdr03?

    Yes!!! Ideas! Ideas! 🤔 🤔 🤔 My mind boggles! 🤣 🤣 🤣

  8. Just watched episode 9. Another great episode and I felt those tears that was cried in it.

    I won’t spoil it for you. I’ll leave it here till you do recap.

    Good morning! ☺️

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