My Fellow Citizens: First Impressions

I’m 90% sure I’m dropping this.

1. Do you remember Ernie and Bert of Sesame Street? The lead guy here JungKook (played by Siwon) reminds me of Ernie. Always getting in trouble because of instant gratification and lack of foresight. I just don’t find a con-artist appealing as a hero because I can see his lie a mile away.

2. I’m not feeling Siwon, either. It has nothing to do with dog. He overemotes and it’s tiring for me to watch him go through all his repertoire of faces. He’s not unlike Jim Carrey, an actor I avoid watching.

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I’ll admit that I laughed hard at that moment when he cocked his ear like a dog. That’s the first time I’ve seen an idol do that. Is that a talent?

That scene earned Siwon an extension of 15 minutes; I was ready to switch out, but I stayed to see if they are any more comical moments.

3. I don’t see depth to the story. It’s a screwball comedy, relying on slapstick, misadventures and chaos to move the plot. But how long can the writer sustain this frenetic pace? Episode 1 is already tiring and tiresome to watch.

4. The dialogues are boring. Unlike the dialogues in “He’s Psychometric.” I told you early on, didn’t I? There are undertones and double-meanings to the dialogues in “He’s Psychometric.” The writer wrote the conversations so that the sentences carry relevant details to impact the story later on. Here in this first episode of “My Fellow Citizens,” I tried to find something that indicated some future intrigue or foreshadowing, and I was disappointed.

5. The lackluster lead actress. Her character doesn’t attract me either. She looks washed-out, like a watercolor painting with too watery pastels.

And who wears a fake crown on her wedding day? Unless you’re bona fide royalty, please lay off the fake headgear on your big day. So tacky.

6. The Club scene. Yeaaaah, right. As if I wanted to be reminded of club scenes after the Burning Sun’s scandal!

I thought that was tone-deaf of the writer.

7. Drunk scene. Will these writers stop encouraging binge-drinking culture? So stupid to see a grown-ass woman, and a police officer at that, drinking irresponsibly. So not cool.

8. And Musical Director, are you new? Were you trying to impress us with your knowledge of song lyrics, playing first Harry Nilson’s “Without You” then Pink’s “So What?”

Image result for hahahaha no

That gave me cognitive whiplash. I don’t need to hear mournful music suddenly turning to bratty, defiant music. The lack of continuity is jarring.

9. Is this meant to be funny? What kind of mob boss is this gullible? Doesn’t he know the crisis in Venezuela?

10. The only reason for sticking around is this 2nd female lead. I want to see what she’s bringing into the mix.

3 Comments On “My Fellow Citizens: First Impressions”

  1. I didn’t start watching it.i saw some clips on yt but it was meh feling.siwon looks like he stops at the stage of that his pervious drama “she was pretty”i liked him there but now not so much.

  2. Howdy! How are you? 🙂

    I was initially interested in this because of Siwon but I will not bother now mainly because I don’t know/like the main actress here. I like the second lead actress because I liked her in Mr Sunshine. But I will skip it because I trust your judgement.

    So far I only have He’s Psychometric to watch. I am interested in Her Private Life though mainly because of Kim Jae Wook. I don’t mind Park Min Young but I’m not her fan either. 🙂

  3. Agree with you. He’s stuck in that character he portrayed in “She Was Pretty.” Too bad but I can’t say that I was surprised. He acted the same way in his last kdrama, Revolutionary Love. I tried to watch that one too but bailed out after Episode 2?

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